The first corn harvesting machine

More than sixty years ago, at the beginning of the ‘50, smart Emilio Olivero, from Cuneo, designed and patented a corn harvesting machine called Testata Integrale (Integral Head). The innovative technical solutions and the peculiar amphitheatre shape of the machine, allowed for an optimal supply of the harvester, so to separate the ears from the stalk and shell the corn leaving stalks and windrow on the ground. For the time being that was a sort of revolution: before that moment little corn was cultivated because harvesting it was quite hard.
With the introduction of Olivero’s Integral Head corn cultivation became more important and spread.

Farsighted ideas

2012 – Confindustria Research and Innovation Award to Giuseppe Carboni, Olimac founder.

Maria, Emilio Olivero’s daughter, married another man that was able to transform farsighted ideas into tangible realties: Giuseppe Carboni.
Together with his wife, Carboni created Olimac and, year after year, introduced increasingly performing corn head machines, firstly on the national market and secondly on the international ones.

”Innovate to grow”

Lorenzo Carboni and Daniela Carboni

Starting from the ’80, when Lorenzo and Daniela joined the firm and started running the family company together with their father, the business has seen a further impulse.
In Olimac, the keyword is “innovate to grow”. Lorenzo Carboni is the creator of the patented Drago corn head and relevant person for the technological development of the Company.

Looking forward

Margarita (CN) – Olimac high-tech plant covers a company-owned surface of 90.000 sqm.

In the Twenties the Carboni family decided to build a new plant. Thinking in perspective and looking forward, they did not take obvious decisions, marrying the philosophy of research and great structural and technological investments, transforming innovative ideas into tangible reality: the new Olimac plant opened in 2011, as a result of the dedication and passion for an entrepreneurial business transformed into life project, is a completely automated industrial and technological complex, unique in the worldwide panorama of the sector.

Worldwide leader

EIMA 2016 – Mr Lorenzo Carboni is awarded with the Technical Innovation Award for the new DragoGT corn head.

Today Olimac is worldwide leader in designing and building corn heads, exporting 98% of its production all over the world.
Olimac confirms itself as unique worldwide Company able to completely design and build all the corn head components inside of its own plant. A Company of excellence, in continuous structural and technological expansion, with a production quality which is higher than the average. The third generation of the Carboni family is already working on new ideas of growth…

DragoGT, the new Olimac corn head, born-winner

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